Disease Tag- Teaching the importance of getting control of your health!

When I present this game to adults, I know that, sadly, many of the participants fall into this demographic; the high percentage of Americans at risk for heart disease.

I created this game to help illustrate the effects and how important it is to get this under control when you are young.

Disease Tag


Red, yellow and green wristbands or any three different color wristbands.
Safety considerations: Students should be aware of others while moving through open space

NASPE Standards: 1, 2, 5, 6


Students are working to be “disease free” by the time the teacher signals the students to stop.

There are three risks for early death in the United States: High Blood Pressure (red wristband), High cholesterol (yellow wristband), and Type II Diabetes (green wristband).  Sixty six percent of Americans have one of these three risks.  
Thirty three percent of the class have no wristband, and are disease free. Based on a class of thirty, this would be approximately 9 of the students.  
Give seven of each of the three colors to the remaining students.  
On signal, everybody is “It”. Students without a wristband are working to stay “disease free”. Students with bands are “It”. If tagged by someone with a wristband, you now have that disease.  If you already have that disease, you cannot get it again. If it is a different disease, the tagger gives the wristband to the tagged student. If you have two diseases, you must walk.  Once you have all three, the student is sent to the “hospital”.  
Hospital: Teacher places a “prescription” on the wall or on a cone to help the student get better.  
60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity: Please keep moving for 60 seconds without stopping-jog, jumping jacks, scissor jumps, high knees
Weight bearing exercise: 3-5 times per week. Please hold a plank position for 30 seconds or do 15 pushups.
Eat a healthy diet. Name a food that you will eat on a regular basis that will help to improve your health. Leave pencil and paper for students to record entries.
Live tobacco free. Name a health related problem due to smoking or chewing tobacco.  If you smoke or chew, take measures to quit now!
Congratulations! You have improved your health!
Student takes off the wristbands and leaves the disease at the hospital!
Students may then return to the game.

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